Sakkie & Elmarie Engagement Shoot

I’ve known Elmarie for a quite a some time as she grew up in my neighbouring farming community in the Eastern Cape. I’ve always known her to be a friendly, outgoing lady with a big beautiful smile, and a stunning heart to match that. I recently heard that this pretty lady’s heart has now since […]

Gordon & Emma Couple Shoot

I have been incredibly blessed over the years with the clients I have had- and one of the biggest blessings out of all of them are Emma and Gordon! If you know them, you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you don’t know them- you definitely want to! They are some of the nicest, coolest, funniest, friendliest couples […]

Jacques & Maryke Engagement Shoot

Jacques and Maryke are one of those ridiculously photogenic and fun couples which make any photographers job a breeze! Quirky, spontaneous, beautiful and so in love! Perfection!   As their wedding gift, I thought I would bless my dear friends with an engagement shoot. But you see, my friends being who they are, blessed me […]

Andre & Marzaan Engagement Shoot

I got to know Andre through church, and met Marzaan a little later when we were on Jamestown missions together… This is also where this lovely couple met and fell in love! For their engagement shoot we went to Vredenheim wine farm to get some shots with cattle (a special request for Angus beef farmer […]

MJ & Elana Couple Shoot

MJ and Elana met at Varisty. Elana was HK of Minerva and MJ on the house committee of Eendrag. These two Residences were RAG/JOOL partners and these two lovely people had to work alongside each other. However- the truth of the matter was that initially MJ and Elana didn’t get along at all and ended […]