Corne & Elze


Ok so I got a bit carried away again with this wedding…but it was because I struggled too much with choosing my favorites, so I thought I would just post more!

I love the Karoo! And when I heard that Elze and Corne were getting married in Graaff Reinet, the gem of the Karoo, my heart did a little happy dance. I drove through a day before the time so I could do some location scouting however I was doing so at snails speed because the rainfall was so heavy that I could hardly see through my window! When I got to Pearston, the little town just before Graaff Reinet, the main street had turned into a river!  My first thought was…this is probably not the ideal weather for an outside wedding and the second was…I hope I make it there alive! However, with many prayers, the skies opened the next day and the result was the PERFECT day for an outside wedding! :)

The gorgeous little reception was held in Elze’s parents back garden in Graaff Reinet, and the swimming pool was niftily converted into a dance floor! With close friends and family putting the dance floor to good use in the evening, fun was had by all!

Corne and Elze are such a lovely couple who know what they are about and where their identity lies. My prayer for you is that you will continue to build your relationship on the faithful Cornerstone, Jesus Christ and that every day will be filled with more and more of His love!