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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes I do! I love travelling and would be prepared to go across the world for your special day! (Contact me for your destination wedding to discuss travel arrangements and a customized quote)

Unfortunately I don’t take in bookings more than 12 months in advance.

a) Head on over to the “contact me” section on this page.
b) Fill in your details in the enquiry form and submit it.
c) Wait for our response email with my packages and contract.
d) Carefully read through my contract, sign it and send it back to me.
e) After receiving the invoice please pay the 50% reservation fee.
f) Relax, pat yourself on the back and scratch the bit about “booking a wedding photographer” off of your to do list.

It all depends on how you and how you would like to structure your day of course, but here is a rough guideline I normally use:

Venue and décor: 25-45 min
Details (dress, perfume, shoes etc.): 20-30 min
Bridal Shoot: 60 min
Groom and his men: 15-30 min
Ceremony: 30-60 min (depends on you and the minister)
Register and Confetti: 15 min
Family Photo’s: 15-40min
Bridal Party: 25 min
Couple Shoot: 60 min
Reception: 2-4 hours (depending on how quickly the formalities are completed)

Yes I do. Having a helping hand allows me to work more efficiently, and to focus on making the most of our shooting time together. On the wedding day there will be two of us, please keep this in mind when making your meal reservations. Thanks :)

Unfortunately I don’t, as I pour the same amount of my time, passion, effort, energy and love into a wedding, regardless of the day or time of the year ;)

While I would love to meet up with you before the day, your and my busy schedules and the distance between us, may sometimes prevent that. However, all is not lost! I am available for a Skype meeting or we can arrange the rest of the details via email.

They are calculated separately and are not included in the package fee.
Travel costs are charged at R 4/km.
If the location is over an hour’s drive from my office in Jeffrey's Bay, and photography is expected to start quite early, or end quite late, then reasonable overnight accommodation will be charged at cost.

Nope, sorry! I don’t give out any unprocessed images. To understand why please click here. You will however receive a disc with your beautifully edited full resolution images which you can use for your personal printing and admiring :)

The golden hour is the time just after sunrise, or just before sunset- which provides gorgeous warm, soft, romantic light for photos. The golden hour is any photographer’s dream light to shoot in, especially this trigger happy photographer over here! So weather permitting, try and plan your couple shoot session around it, you won’t regret it!

I get so many inquiries for this and as much as I would LOVE to give everyone a chance to learn or help out there are unfortunately just not always enough opportunities to go around. I already have a full time assistant who works for me and helps me out at weddings- but when she can’t I’ll post the details on my Facebook page. I'll work on a first come first serve basis so keep an eye out there for any assisting opportunities.

Have fun, be adventurous, laugh and be yourself.
Light is my best friend as a photographer, and choosing a venue that has lots of natural light (or a white ceiling) means that me and my friend Light get to play nicely together to give you the great shots you want. :)
When having an outside ceremony remember to face away from the sun, or at least have some covering for your faces so that you don’t get those not so flattering frowning face shots caused by looking into the sun.

Relax, enjoy and don’t sweat the small stuff. No, seriously. Don’t stress about the small stuff. It steals the joy from the wedding day. Everyone wants their wedding day to be a success, to be perfect!

But just remember this little truth…that even if all the details don’t look or go EXACTLY as you planned, and even if you’re great aunt Mildred arrives dressed in that horrid luminous green outfit that you hoped she wouldn't wear, or if the rain starts coming down on your outside ceremony …Your wedding day is a success if you walk away having married the love of your life. Then your day was perfect!

I made the big move from Stellenbosch to Jeffrey's Bay in 2018 when I married the love of my life, Fanie. I still travel throughout the country and all around the world for weddings though, so give me a shout if you'd like me to photograph your special day!

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