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Meet Nick, Georgie, Josh and Zac. They are the gorgeous blond, blue eyed family I had the privilege of photographing whilst I was in London. They also have the cutest labradoodle called Milo!

The Fienbergs live in Chalfonts St Peters, so to get there I caught the train from Marylebone Station to Gerrards Cross, where Nick picked me up. When I arrived at the station, the exit turnstile gate (rather embarrassingly) didn’t want to take my Oyster Card. I didn’t realize that I needed to have purchased a separate ticket for this particular line and not just swiped my Oyster Card. However, I wasn’t the only one with this problem. A  gentleman behind me had made the same error, and so we headed off to the ticket office to get our tickets. He kindly knocked till they opened and held the door for me. I got my ticket and was finally allowed through the exit gate! Phew! Getting into the car, Nick informed me that the guy who held the door for me to the ticket office was a British celebrity called Bill Turnbill. I started laughing to myself- all the times I have ever come in to contact with celebrities I have never know it or only realized it afterwards. Probably a good thing, because otherwise I would have acted even more dorky then I already am :)

Arriving at the Fienberg household, I was greeted by Nick’s stunning wife Georgie- and their two sons, Zac and Josh. These two boys are some of the sharpest, talented and sporty kids I have come across is a while. My goodness!

To Nick and Georgie- what a privilege to have met you and the kids.  Thank you for a wonderful time spent in your beautiful home. The boys are truly lucky to have such amazing parents and I pray that they continue to bring so much joy and pride to your hearts as they already do! Sending lots of love from sunny South Africa.

P.S. Come visit soon ;)


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