Gabriel + Loraine

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7 Responses to “Gabriel + Loraine”

  1. Loraine roux

    Lindy.. We aRe in awe.. Thank you for Capturing our most special moments Before our engagement!! Be are so grateful, we couldn’t have asked for a more Talented friend and photographer!!! YoU are such a blessing in our lives and many Others!!! Your photos will keep a smile On our faces for decades to come!!! Thank you!!!

  2. Lize-mari hare

    LindY, wow theSe photos are Stunning! You are blessed with amazing talent!! We can not wait to see the rest of your awesome work!!
    Loraine and Gabriel you make the most beautiful couple, each photo is Filled With Your beauty and love foR one another. #bestpotographerever #brIdeandgroomoFtheyear


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