Andrew + Berta

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3 Responses to “Andrew + Berta”

  1. Myles Hornbuckle

    Very nice Lindy.
    I am so sorry i couldnt be there for this special occasion. So happy for andrew, he deserves everything that comes to him. two point THOUGH. Manly man sums up andrew look at those hands! well worked, your dad would be proud! however Andrews “pout” is priceless!

    The photography ISN’T too shabby either ;)

  2. Janine

    Lindy dis soooo mooi!!!! well done! en baie geluk Andrew en berta. Mag julle altyd so verlief bly.

  3. Jeanette Barry

    talentvolle truters!!! truter #1 (agteri lens), truter #2 (sexy boer) en truter#3 (plaasvrou vani jaar) – wat ‘n fantastiese kombinasie van truters, so beeldskoon en talentvol. lindy, jyt regtig die twee spesiale mense (eintlik nog onse lewendige kids :) se liefde so mooi vasgevang en hul eie self. bertie, daardie wimpers, wow, begeer hul hoor!


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