Roger + Catherine

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  1. Catherine warr

    so blessed to have had such an amazing photographer! Lindy you captured the magic of our day perfectly! Love these photos!

    • Mich

      Hi Catherine, you were such a stunning bride! my wedding is coming up very soon and I wanted to know where did you get your dress? it’s gorgeous. is it a one-piece or a separate bolero?

      • Lindy

        Hi Mich, Catherine did indeed make a beautiful bride hey?! She got her dress from Robyn Roberts Bridal wear in Cape Town. And she wore a separate bolero :)

  2. charmaine

    Roger and Catherine – dad and mom are having supper with us and we decided to have a quick peek at your beautiful beautiful day! what a privilege to have been there to see the start of your marriage! beautiful pictures of beautiful people! Your photographer captured amazing memories !
    lots of love xxx Cas, Maine, mom and dad!!!!

  3. Isabelle Schmidt

    Hi Cath & Rog,
    Have looked at these photos (and the video on facebook – my mom tipped me about these!) a hundred times…..they are soooo beautiful, just like you. Brought tears to my eyes…!!! Love you lots and a big congratulations from Michael, myself, Josephine and evie in Germany.
    PS my girls say you’re the most beautiful person they’ve ever seen!!! They have good taste!

    • Catherine Warr

      Hi Isabelle

      I only saw this message now-6 months later! Thank you :) We had such a magical day and thank you to your girls for being so sweet and kind. We celebrate our one year this weekend and we are so glad that we have these amazing photos to capture the memories.
      ALl the best to Michael and the girls


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