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I met Juny last year when we had the privilege of going to Madagascar together on a mission with our church. Being one another’s accountability partners meant that we got to know one another rather well in a relatively short amount of time. From the first few meetings I heard quite a lot about a certain Mr Jacobus Roux, her then said boyfriend. There was no doubt that Juny was head over heals in love with this man, and by the sounds of it Jacobus was not going to be left behind on that account either! I met Jacobus a few months later in person and soon saw that they were indeed perfect for one another, and this man was just as smitten with this gorgeous lady!

They got married at Fort Simon, a hidden little gem of a venue on the Bottelary road. The wind was icey cold that day but the atmosphere these two provided warmed every one up instantly!

Jacobus en Juny- Sjoe, dankie vir die eer om julle fotograaf te kon wees. Ek weet die Here het julle twee by mekaar gebring vir ‘n baie spesifieke rede en Hy gaan nog baie doen deur julle as ‘n paartjie. Mag jul liggies altyd so helder skyn vir Hom en mag Hy julle dieper en dieper lei in Sy hart vir julle. Ek wil julle eer vir die manier wat julle glorie aan Sy naam bring. Mag dit vir altyd so wees! Baie liefde en blessings xxx

Dankie ook aan Anziscke my wonderlike sonskyn assistent vir die dag- jy is awesome! :)

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Service Providers

  • Venue and Catering: Fort Simon |
  • Videography: Popped Red Balloon |
  • Decor: Urbantonic |
  • Chairs: Styled function retals |
  • Pastor: Ross van Niekerk |
  • Cake: Joyful Events |
  • Candles: Candle's4U |
  • Fairy Lights: EC Lightning Solutions |
  • Music: DJ Dean |
  • Make Up and Hair: Marize Bruwer |
  • Stationery: Lara Friday Design |

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