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I love my job! It allows  me to meet the most amazing people from all across the world- people like Harold and Linnea :)
Harold and Linnea are from America and visited the sunny shores of South Africa recently for their honeymoon. To celebrate this time of their lives- they decided to have a photo shoot done whilst they were in Cape Town and to capture some of it’s gorgeous scenery.  Linnea’s email to me stated that they were not looking for the typical romantic, engagement style photo shoot as they had already had many of those. They wanted someone to capture them doing something active and fun… “Perhaps taking a walk/hike or a bike ride or a swim.”
An unusual request but such a great one! I loved that it was something different.

A hike up Lions Head was decided upon and so we set off to go do this “climbing a mountain whilst taking photo’s” thing. To tell you the truth- I think we all underestimated the climb that it was. In my mind- Lions head was super easy and quick…not so much. The worst was that we were in a race against the setting sun! I am so impressed with these two though… If I had to hike up a mountain at a steady pace, AND still look pretty for photo’s- I don’t think I would have done as well as they did.

To Harold and Linnea- thanks for the most amazing time on Lionshead and for insisting on doing something different. It was so good to get out again and explore the many gems that we find in our backyard. I hope the rest of your time in RSA was amazing and that you traveled back safely. You guys are amazing! :)

A big thanks to Ewald who helped carry my bag up the mountain and assisted me on the day- you are a champ! I would never have made it if I had to shoot and carry my heavy gear up there :) Jy’s a doring!

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