Viljoen Family

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  1. Ronel Toll

    Ai………lindy die fotos bring traantjies na die oe – maar “happy” traantjies. dankie dat jy so ‘n goeie vriendin is vir david en kim en nou ook flora. jy sien die liefde en gevoel in hierdie fotos en dit kan net ‘n besonderse fotograaf en mens doen. uitstekende werk lindy! ouma

    • Gail Hopkins

      I met flora for the fIrst time during lindy’s recent visit to london. Im afraid i took lindy, ronel and the viljoen family on a wild goose chaSe looking for non-existen horsE sculptures in the thames. But it was fabulous meeting lindy and catching up with one of my oldest friends and her family. Your work is phenomenal lindy and look forwd to crossing paths again xxxxx


    Wow, what beautiful photos of this very special family, you’ve captured their love, beauty and joy so WEll. Missing you guys!!

  3. Sarah Murdoch

    This is gorgeous! what a beautiful family. flora is a blessed little, girl with such incredible parents. everything about this is just yes!
    lots of love to all of you xx


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