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These are 3 of my favourite human beings on the whole planet. My best friend Kim, her legend husband Dave, and their most precious little peanut called Flora.

Kim and Dave moved to London two and a half years ago and have been nagging me to come visit ever since. I was a bit stubborn (as was the Rand/Pound exchange) and so Kimmy and Dave knew they would have to do something drastic to get me there, because this farm girl was clearly not too keen on going to London “just sommer.” So when I heard there was a little Viljoen coming into the world and that I was going to be an aunty- I just had to go. This was too precious a time to miss out on with my best friends- and so I set off for London to go meet miss Flora.

I spent two weeks with them and can’t tell you how special it was for me to be with them. Kim and Dave make the most phenomenal parents and it was amazing seeing my friends operate in this new role. They are SUCH naturals! And Flora- my word, a little cherub sent down straight from Heaven. She is the happiest joy-filled little baba I’ve seen in a while and a smile appears on my face every time I think of her. I am so proud of my amazing friends and this precious little one who has already crept so deep into my heart!

Kimmie and Dave- Thank you for hosting me and for being the phenomenal people that you are. I have so much love and respect in my heart for you, and can’t wait to see you guys again soon! Sending you beeeeeeg hugs xxx

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7 Responses to “Viljoen Family”

  1. Ronel Toll

    Ai………lindy die fotos bring traantjies na die oe – maar “happy” traantjies. dankie dat jy so ‘n goeie vriendin is vir david en kim en nou ook flora. jy sien die liefde en gevoel in hierdie fotos en dit kan net ‘n besonderse fotograaf en mens doen. uitstekende werk lindy! ouma

    • Gail Hopkins

      I met flora for the fIrst time during lindy’s recent visit to london. Im afraid i took lindy, ronel and the viljoen family on a wild goose chaSe looking for non-existen horsE sculptures in the thames. But it was fabulous meeting lindy and catching up with one of my oldest friends and her family. Your work is phenomenal lindy and look forwd to crossing paths again xxxxx


    Wow, what beautiful photos of this very special family, you’ve captured their love, beauty and joy so WEll. Missing you guys!!

  3. Sarah Murdoch

    This is gorgeous! what a beautiful family. flora is a blessed little, girl with such incredible parents. everything about this is just yes!
    lots of love to all of you xx


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