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You know you get those people who are just sooo ridiculously gorgeous on photo’s that it is just not fair for the rest of human kind? Well, I think that is the case with these two. They should seriously go into modelling in their spare time! My word! They make any photographers job way too easy!!


Chantal and Roman are both brilliant waterpolo players and met 10 years ago at University as a result of the sport. Chantal and her friends spotted Roman around the pool at practices and he soon became known to them as the “hot guy”. As time passed, they became friends with the “hot guy” and discovered he in fact had a name, and that he was also a really nice guy. :) Chemistry started to build between these two and the rest, as they say is history.

For their engagement shoot we went bundu bashing through some fields at the gorgeous Hidden Valley wine farm, and I am beyond excited to have them in front of my lens again at the end of the month for their wedding in Plett!! (Lindy claps her hands like an overexcited seal!)

Roman and Chantal- you guys are so great! Thanks for the wonderful time spent with you that afternoon and all the best for the last few wedding prep things! Looking forward to seeing you rockstars again! Sending lots of love and blessings xxx


Thanks to Tash for your help on the day- you are everyone’s favourite clown! :)



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