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These lovely folk were down in Cape Town for a bit of family reunion and decided to have a photoshoot done to commemorate the occasion. Julie and Jason came down from Zambia- and Gill and Ryan from the States, so that their kids Declan and Carter, could grow up knowing one another. The plan was to meet up with them in Noordhoek for a beach shoot, but upon arriving there we soon realized that the beach wasn’t going to work with two young kids. The South Easter was howling (as is usual this time of the year) and from the house we could see the sand make patterns as it moved at high speeds across the beach. Keeping hair out of the face, and get blasted by the sand were two things we weren’t ready to deal with then so instead we opted to shoot inside the house and in the park where it was a bit more sheltered.

To Jason, Julie, Ryan and Gill- well done on taking the time to meet up with one another so that the kids could get to know their respective aunt and uncle, and cousin! I think more families should do what you guys are doing! I am sure being only 5 months apart in age- that these two lads are still going to be deep spirited friends when they get older. Enjoy the precious moments in each phase of their lives and thank you for a wonderful afternoon spent capturing some of those moments on camera.

Sending lots of love and blessings from Cape Town xxx





2 Responses to “Doherty family”

  1. Jillian

    Thank you for capturing such beautiful memories from our trip wE will cherish forever! Hope to make it back again one day!

  2. Jason kruger

    Thanks so much for giving us some amazing shots Lindy!

    Definitely one of the highlights of our trips, and an incredible way to remember our time in Cape Town.

    You captured us and our boys perfectly!


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