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I’m an incurable romantic…which is a huge bonus for somebody who gets to spend the vast majority of her time capturing love stories! What always fascinates me is how two individuals, with different life stories and contexts will journey through life, meet one another and come together with courageous and trusting hearts to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Just like with Sean and Phoebe. He’s a gentle farmer from Zambia, a man of the earth and open spaces. She is a soft-spoken American gal who has agreed to pack up life and travel across oceans to build a new life with a man who has captured her heart. When I think of these two, I think of two individuals with great hope of what may still be!

My hope for them would be that as they walk through the journey of life, that they have many experiences where they see how the greatest moments and even their life legacy, can be created from faith, hope and love.

May this time before your wedding in October truly be one of dreaming together, and seeing many a field flourish! Sending you much love xxx

Thanks too to Natasha for assisting me on the day! :)



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