Gunter + Lindsay

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I absolutely adored doing this shoot for so many reasons! Firstly because Gunter and Lindsay are a rockstar couple. Secondly this rockstar couple were keen for an adventure couple session in the mountains on our farm in the Karoo…with THE most beautiful sunset and view. Thirdly…I got to play around with some night time photography. Fourthly, because two of my favourite people were assisting me- my sister, Julie and my fiance, Fanie :)

It took us about an hour to get up there in the bakkie on one of the worst roads you an imagine. But the view is always worth the journey! And when you have such genuinely sweet, and in love people in front of your camera- you can’t help but snap away like you don’t know how to stop!

Gunter and Lindsay- thanks so much for making the massive mission to get all the way out to the middle of nowhere for your engagement session!!! You guys are next level cool. I had so much fun with you guys and am so excited for your wedding in October! :) All the best with the last bit of planning and prep! God bless xxx




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