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Meet Sarah Burg, a teacher and very talented singer and songwriter whose music has an immediate way of lifting you to a lighter, carefree place whilst at the same time the weightier spiritual lyrics give you something to think about long after the song has ended. Sarah won the Barleycorn Songwriters competition last year, and will be launching a CD one of these days. And that was the reason she contacted me! She was needing a few images she could use for the design of the CD cover.

Sarah is a quiet and gentle soul, but also quirky and fun! She has the cutest little giggle and the afternoon spent with her, felt like one spent with a friend! Sarah- what a privilege to have met you and gotten to know your heart behind your music! May you enjoy writing and playing music that blesses people in so many ways, and points them back to the One who lovingly created them! May He get all the glory always, in and through you! Sending much love and blessings xxx

Thanks too to Chelsea mouse who assisted me on the day! :)



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