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Phoebe and Sean got married a week and a bit after I did. And after just having experienced the amazing joy and celebration of what a wedding means to a bride and groom- I was even more excited than usual to capture their wedding day! But the extremely busy build up before my wedding meant that I was constantly running on adrenalin, and the moment I switched off and relaxed on honeymoon- I got sick. Urgh! I got a bad throat infection which made swallowing excruciatingly painful, and I struggled to speak….which is a bit of a problem to have as a wedding photographer because you kinda need to have a voice to give directions.

I started stressing like crazy because my voice was very husky (not in the least sexy I can assure you) and I was limited to a mere whisper. How on earth was I going to communicate with Sean and Phoebe during the shoots? (For those of you who know me and how much I speak- you can totally imagine why this was such a big concern for me! hehe)

BUT, I had a solution to my problem…I would get Nikkie, my lovely assistant for the day, to relay all my instructions so that I didn’t have to use a loud voice! Great plan- but I didn’t bargain on my loudspeaker person to not feel well on the day either. The poor thing had picked up a bug and was feeling awful, without the least inclination to speak a lot!

THANKFULLY though, after much prayer and some antibiotics- my voice started coming back so I was able to communicate as needed. Praise the Lord!

Sean and Phoebe, you are the sweetest couple, and I adored seeing the love that you have for one another. Your love story is amazing and after listening to all the brilliant speeches on the evening- I know that you two really are uniquely set apart for each other and meant to be! Thanks so much for a wonderful day and for trusting me to take you hiking up Table mountain! I think you must have thought that I was out of my mind- but I am so grateful that you guys were up for the adventure! ;) You guys are such rockstars!

May the Lord bless you with a very long, healthy and blessed marriage filled with so much love, laughter and peace!

Sending lots of love xxx




Service Providers

  • Venue and Catering: Twelve Apostles |
  • Videography: Vivid Blue |
  • Officiant: Andred from I do weddings |
  • Cake: Wade's Cakes |
  • Make up and hair: Talita from Mist Makeup |
  • DJ: SoundFx |
  • Flowers: Duke and Dutchess |
  • Wedding planning: Red Carnation |
  • Photographic assistant: Nikkie Fivaz |

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