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Having grown up in the Eastern Cape I’ve often heard about Patensie, but had never been there before…and to be honest didn’t really fancy going there, because I was expecting a random deserted little place kinda like Pofadder or Springbok (Sorry to those of you who come from the aforementioned places…if it is any consolation, I come from Kommadagga.)

But what a pleasant surprise I got when I recently went there for Mike and Kelly’s engagement shoot! Such a gorgeous area with so much natural beauty.

I met these gorgeous lovebirds at Stevon and Sarah’s wedding near Stutterheim last year, and thoroughly enjoyed chatting to them on the Friday night. Mike and Kelly are from Johannesburg but they were down in the Eastern Cape on holiday during December, and messaged to ask if we could perhaps arrange a couple shoot. Sure I said- but I had no clue where to go to find pretty spots. Having only recently moved to Jeffrey’s Bay, I am still needing to get to know where everything is and what area’s are nice for photo’s.

So Kelly’s suggestion to go to Patensie I thought was worth a shot! And I am so glad we went!

Thanks Kelly and Mike for showing me a little corner of our own backyard! Fanie and I had a great time chatting and 4×4’ing with you on Patensie’s backroads. All the best for the rest of your wedding planning and preparations, and enjoy the big day- sure it will be a very happy and blessed occasion! Sending lots of love and blessings xxx


Thanks too to my gorgeous husband for helping me out on the day! You’re the bestest! :)


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  1. Vivien Aitken

    these photos a magniFicent! Helps i suppose th Mike and Kelly are beautiful people


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