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” There is only happiness in life, to love and to be loved.”

George Sand



I haven’t done a shoot in Cape Town CBD for some time, so when Stefan emailed to share some ideas of what they had in mind for their engagement shoot, I got quite excited to explore the city again. I won’t lie though, now that I have moved to a small town in the Eastern Cape- the city’s hustle and bustle, (and smells) was something to get used to again! And the amount of people- goodness gracious! I take my hat off to Stefani and Stefan who seemed to have remained semi unphased although they had a rather large crowd of onlookers for most of the time. I would have been an awkward turtle in the same situation. However I think we did quite well to dodge the masses in the photo’s, and looking through these photo’s now gives the feeling that the mother city might have been abandoned. #welldoneteam

Stefan & Stefani- ek sien so uit om julle troue te shoot in Maart en kan nie wag om julle spesiale dag saam met julle te deel nie. Mag hierdie laaste tydtjie se “trou goeters” vlot verloop en mag die Here julle verhouding seën in oorvloed! :)

Baie liefde en blessings xxx



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