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This family has a very special place in my heart! And every time I meet up with them they just creep deeper and deeper in. The last time I photographed them was three years ago, when Layla was two. (To see those pics please click here ) Since then she has become a big sister to Sophia and Alexa- who are both just as adorable as her and also make for the cutest pictures!!

To Kat and Ott- Wow, you guys are phenomenal parents! The girls are so well mannered and are truly beautiful little ladies inside and out. It is so wonderful to see how much you love them, and how they know that they are deeply loved. It fills them with so much confidence and identity. May the Lord bless you with such joy and wisdom as you raise these little warrior princesses to be all that they need to be! Sending so much love and big hugs xxx



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