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Ever since I first watched Braveheart (many years ago and many, MANY times since), a love for Scotland stirred in my heart. In 2016, I was finally able to go there on a very special visit with a dear friend of mine, Simone. It happened to coincide with the Fringe festival that is held in Edinburgh annually, and this meant that we were also able to see the Military Tattoo (International military bands performing in front of the Edinburgh castle), which was definitely one of the biggest highlights of the trip for me. #helloooobagpipes.

Another highlight was going on the “Free” Highlands Hairy Coo tour daytrip to Stirling, Lake Menteith, Loch Katrine, and the William Wallace monument. If you are in Scotland and want to see some of the countryside-with hilariously entertaining guides…do this tour! The rest of the time Simone took me to her favourite spots in the historical and picturesque city of Edinburgh, and I also managed to visit with some family in Falkirk- which was also so special.

It’s only taken about 3 years to find time in amongst all my other work, to edit these images- but I am so glad that I finally could! Here are some of my favourite images from the trip…

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  1. Simone Hinrichsen

    You are amazing and talented and bonnie… and such an incredible friend for visiting me :)


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