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How gorgeous are these two together?? I mean holy smokes! And the location…just min blowing!

We had postponed this shoot a few times already as a result of the weather. Sand dunes are not a place you want to be when gale force winds and stormy weather hits. So after about 3 months of putting it off, we finally got a chance to do this shoot on the farm where Tayla grew up. After some severe bundu bashing through thorns, and climbing a killer of a sand dune that left me looking for my lungs, we came over the hill and saw THE most perfect scene you could wish for. A wind still day, gorgeous scenery and some glorious golden hour light for these two beauties to be photographed in.

Hugh and Tayla, I am so stoked that we finally got to do this shoot. You guys were incredible in front of the camera! Thanks for running up and down those dunes to catch the sunlight, and for doing so in manner that left no footprints in the photo’s! You guys are champs! So looking forward to capturing your wedding day in all it’s wonderful fullness. Sending so much love and happiness your way xxx

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