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This wedding was one that I was particularly excited about and looking  forward to with great anticipation. Shoooweeee! In the short time I’ve spent getting to know Hermi and Danie, and seeing what wonderful, warm, friendly folk that they are; I knew their wedding was going to be a superb one to photograph! And my, oh my! It was above and beyond superb- it was freaking phenomenal! There were so many beautiful emotional moments to capture, with stunning people that are passionate about life and love and God. Ah, my heart was in its happy place.

It was a wedding where my creative eye was spazzing out with all the opportunities for pretty pictures. Even with the editing- I got to be a bit more “arty” and play around with some  nice black and white emulsion with grain- which as funny as it sounds was what I, as a creative, was needing. Something a bit different from my usual routine. :)

But more than that it was a wedding that made me realise why I love doing what I do. Watching Hermi and Danie interacting with one another and their guests, and seeing their deep sense of gratitude for the Lords many blessings in their lives made me stop and just smile. Because in seeing them enjoy every moment of their special day, it made me realise how blessed I am to be a part of something like that.  To witness how good the Lord is and how much he loves His children and to capture those special moments when they enjoy his blessings. Wow, what a privilege.

So to Danie, Hermi and all the guests at your wedding- thank you!  Thank you for your laughter, for your grace and for your love. You reflect the goodness of our Lord Jesus, and that’s pretty darn awesome.

Thanks too to my cutie patooti assistant Nikkie- you are just as pretty darn awesome! :)

DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-1 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-2 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-3 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-4 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-5 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-6 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-7 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-8 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-9 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-10 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-11 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-12 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-13 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-14 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-15 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-16 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-17 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-18 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-19 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-20 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-21 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-22 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-23 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-24 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-25 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-26 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-27 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-28 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-29 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-30 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-31 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-32 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-33 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-34 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-35 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-36 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-37 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-38 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-39 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-40 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-41 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-42 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-43 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-44 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-45 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-46 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-47 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-48 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-49 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-50 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-51 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-52 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-53 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-54 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-55 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-56 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-57 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-58 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-59 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-60 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-61 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-62 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-63 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-64 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-65 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-66 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-67 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-68 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-69 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-70 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-71 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-72 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-73 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-74 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-75 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-76 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-77 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-78 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-79 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-80 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-81 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-82 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-83 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-84 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-85 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-86 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-87 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-88 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-89 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-90 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-91 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-92 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-93 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-94 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-95 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-96 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-97 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-98 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-99 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-100 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-101 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-102 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-103 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-104 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-105 DaniandHermi_Lindy Truter-106



11 Responses to “Daniel + Hermi”

  1. Daniel Botha

    WOW, WOW, WOW……Lindy, dit is absoluut jaw dropping mooi fotos!!!!!
    Well done.

  2. Pierre Smith

    Wow Lindy! jou werk is unmatched! die dag en hulle karakter is perfek ge-capture!

  3. Juny

    dis ongelooflike mooi foto’s..en ‘n Pragtige couple.

    (net uit nuuskierigheid, wa is die naam van die venue?)


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