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THE GIRLS TAKE ON PARIS- text by Natasha Taljard

We ended our trip with 5 days in Paris. Had we known the wonders of the South we probably would of planned the trip a little different, to spend more time there instead of the busy city of Paree. BUT we were back in Paris and we had loads to see. Kim had to work so Lindy and I had to take on the streets and subway stations by ourselves.  Sending the two most directionless country girls into the organised chaos of the city of Paris to go sight see is nothing short of a joke. Our first stop for the day was the Notre Dame. The subway station said we were right there, and if any of you out there are “Friends” fans you might recognize this situation. The part where Joey exits the hotel in London, has no idea which way to go, so he plonks the map down on the floor and steps onto it to better understand which way to go.

I’m pretty sure I was just about at that situation because you would think we would be able to spot the Notre Dame easily…I mean,  it’s not like it’s a small building… anyway around and around and around we went. Bet we looked like real tourists. When we finally found it, there were so many people we ended up not even staying that long. Afterwards we walked along the scenic Sienne River, and peeked in at all the local vendors stalls and artworks. This was something I really enjoyed and even came home with a few souvenirs. We walked until we got to the Lourve where we sat and people watched for what seemed like hours only to end up feeding the pigeons and attracting masses of them.

One of my favourite places in Paris is Mont Marte. When you enter that area it feels as if you are in a little world all on its own. Starting with the artists square, wow! I have never seen so many talented people grouped together like that. And everyone has a different form of art and way that they are able to paint you or the scenes of Paris. But don’t you dare take photo’s of them or their work, as soon as they hear the click of a camera you just see a whole bunch of faces with frowns looking right at you.

Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-2 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-3Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-5 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-6 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-7 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-8 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-9Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-11Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-13Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-15 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-16 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-17 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-18 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-19 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-20 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-21.1 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-21.2Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-21.4 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-21.5 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-21.6 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-21.7.1 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-21.7Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-23 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-24Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-27 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-28 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-29Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-32 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-30Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-33 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-39 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-40Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-42 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-43 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-44 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-45Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-47Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-51Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-50Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-52Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-54 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-55 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-57 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-58 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-59 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-60 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-61Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-63 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-64 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-65 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-66Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-70 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-71 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-72 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-73Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-75Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-76Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-77Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-78

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              On one of our last days we decided to go visit the Palace of Versailles, we completely misjudged the size of this estate. We thought a few hours would cut it but Linds and I, in retrospect could have spent a few days in those gardens. One of the most spectacular places I have ever seen! Gardens that go on for kilometers, hedge maizes, ponds that could be oceans, such neatly planted rows of flowers you’d expect a garden boy or hundred to be walking around with rulers making sure everything is in place that no blade of grass is taller than the other. The home of the famous Marie Antoinette (and now I understand why they said she bankrupt her country… I mean everything is wrapped in gold!)  All in all a day well spent :)

Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-80 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-81 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-82 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-83Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-85 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-86 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-87Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-89Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-88Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-90 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-91 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-92 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-93 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-94 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-95 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-96 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-97 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-98Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-79


We were also just in time to witness the last day of the Tour de France.

Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-99Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-100 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-101 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-102 Paris_Lindy Truter Photography-103tour de france_lindy truter (2)tour de france_lindy truter (10)tour de france_lindy truter (4)tour de france_lindy truter (6)tour de france_lindy truter (5)tour de france_lindy truter (8)tour de france_lindy truter (7)

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  1. Sarie mueller

    dankie vir die deel! Pragtige fotos. Jy slaag daarin Om die gevoel v parys weer te gee.

  2. Maxie Christen

    Lindy, so baie dankie., vir my vinnige besoekie in Parys !!Die fotos pragtig


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