Karoo Ranching

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Text by Julie Truter

“Our father is a farmer, and we are proud to be called farmers daughters. We were born and raised on the lands that feed our country. We understood the cycle of life & death from an early age, as we were often expected to care for lambs whose mothers had died. We knew the relief of the breaking of a drought, by what felt like the long forgotten rains. Alongside him, we have walked high in the mountains that have seen the comings and goings of man for eons of time. Reminding us, that we too are just passers by; merely tenants of the land. Ours however is the responsibility, he said, to leave it in a better state than what we found it in. He taught us the value of good stockmanship, grazing rotation & the importance of soil conservation. We have seen the challenges of farming but also it’s most beautiful, humourous and authentic side. We have seen it’s richness in family bonds, the integrity of a handshake and the willingness to help fight your neighbour’s fire. We have lived for the excitement of working in the cattle kraals & being part of all the action. We have returned home time and time again, tired, dirty, covered in dust and sweat after a long day of stock work, yet deeply satisfied. And if in that moment, you asked either of us, who we truly are, we would without hesitation reply:

“I am my father’s daughter.”


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Karoo Ranching Teaser from Jacques Crafford on Vimeo.

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  1. Linden gerber

    There is no life as real as farm life. It reminds us how to be humble, grateful and never give up. It brings out inner strengths in you that you never knew you had. I have the privilege of knowing your wonderful parents who are both strong, wonderful mentors and whose karoo blood runs strongly in their veins. Salt of the earth family.


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