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Talented, friendly, kind, caring, social, outgoing, smart, funny, thoughtful, down to earth, beautiful, business savvy and absolutely brilliant… These are just some of the words that immediately come to mind when I think of Loraine. For those of you who know her- I’m sure you would be able to agree on every point- and add many more words to that list too.

As a traveler, corporate lady, wife and social butterfly, she knows the importance of having the feel-good basics to support a colourful, fast-paced and ‘never a dull moment’ lifestyle. As a result she has decided to start a clothing range that caters for the needs for the lady on the move.

We got together a few weeks ago to shoot the catalogue for her website and my goodness, are there some gorgeous garments there?! Loraine- I am so proud of you!

Ladies, you NEED to check it out! You’ll see what I am talking about when you visit her website, LoraineRoux.com or her Facebook page and enjoy going through the full collection of her fabulous clothes for yourself…you can thank me later! ;)



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