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What a blessing to have met these two! It was all a bit of a God send actually. The person Jacob and Suzy originally got to photograph their wedding could no longer do so, and so they were still urgently looking for someone to help capture their big day when a friend of mine in Shoreditch kindly put forward my details. I happened to be in London during that time and so met up with them a week before their wedding. Spontaneous, friendly and fun- I adored the time spent with them talking through the details of their wedding celebration.

The wedding day got off to a bit of a late start when the train line I needed to take was under maintenance. The reroute cost me some precious minutes- and after sprinting down the streets of East London, I managed to find Suzy’s parents place where she was getting ready. Although I was a bit hot and stinky from all the running! :)

For the ceremony we headed off to Christ Church Spitalfields, which is the church that Suzy’s grandad was a minister at for many years. It is a massive building and provided ample space for the 300 odd guests who came to witness the union of these wonderful people. Because Suzy and Jacob both have Greek heritage- there had to be some traditional Greek food and dancing involved later in the evening too! So for the reception we headed to the Shoreditch Tab church- where her mom currently ministers at. (And was also used as the location in Sam Smith’s music video Stay with me.  #interestingfunfact )

Jacob and Suzy are both politicians for the Labour Party, and Suzy was named one of six political women to watch out for in 2015 by The Telegraph. Their heart is to uplift the needy and broken hearted, and they have an amazing way of encouraging others who need hope. Needless to say, it was a massive privilege for me to have been a part of their wedding.

To Jacob and Suzy- praying God’s richest blessing over your marriage and your careers. May you continue shining your light so brightly and bringing glory to God’s name. Thank you for a wonderful, crazy day spent celebrating your love for one another, for God, and for your friends and family. You guys are awesome!

Sending much love from a sunny South Africa xxx

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