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Amilie contacted me a while back asking for a couple shoot on the beach. After emailing to and fro, we settled the date and time and crossed our fingers for a fair weather day for the shoot. When the day arrived I set off out of Stellenbosch to Noordhoek beach, only to hit some of the worst traffic I had experienced in a while. Running a little late and seeing a massive storm come in, I was strongly doubting whether we should even go ahead with this shoot. Upon arrival at the beach we saw a first class display of lighting, thunder and strong winds in combination with a gorgeous sunset. “Lindy, what are you doing??” Was the first logical thought that ran through my head. “Get your clients out of the rain and wind! This is the type of weather where you cancel the shoot, it’s safer that way! I mean… it’s a lightning storm for crying out loud in a bucket!”

However the other more adventurous side said… “Come on you little pansy! Just think how much fun it will be and what dramatic shots you’ll get! Besides we had come so far, Amilie and Liuji had flown down from Joburg for this shoot, and they had made a lot of effort! There is no turning back now.”
Thankfully Liuji and Amilie were on the same adventurous page- and together we set off into the stormy weather pursuing some of the most remarkable scenes I have seen in a while. On more than one occasion I started freaking out a bit because it was all so pretty I didn’t know which side to shoot first! The Lord was displaying His power, glory and beauty across the skies and it made me SO excited!

Liuji and Amilie, this shoot is one of my all time favourites and it is largely to do with that storm and your willingness to chase it! Thank you for being so brave and for putting up with my craziness! You are wonderful couple and I wish you all the best for your wedding in China and the organizing and preparations that go with it. May your marriage be a very happy and blessed one filled with many more fun adventures like this one! Sending lots of love xxx


Thanks to my assistant Tash- will chase a storm with you any day! :)



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  1. almari

    sho, Hierdie foto’s ongelooflik, amazing, stunning!! Wat nog kan ek Sê?!
    well well well done!!!!


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