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I was on my way to a wedding one Saturday when I got a phone call from Laura asking if I was available for that coming Thursday to shoot their wedding! It was the shortest notice I’ve ever had for a wedding booking but because it was during the week I was still fortunately available and able to help.  Their original plan was to get married on the Wednesday, but then Laura’s mum’s flights got muddled up and she would end up missing the wedding completely unless it was moved to the Thursday. Because their wedding was so small (13 people in total) and everyone had flown in from the States for it, it was relatively easy to communicate to all the guests that the wedding had moved on a day. The trickier thing would be if all the service providers were still available once the date had moved! Fortunately, most of the service providers could accommodate the date change- the only one unable to was their photographer. Thus the reason for the call!

But I am so grateful for the series of events that lead to that call. Because through it I got to meet a really sweet and endearing couple who I otherwise probably wouldn’t have met. Jordan and Laura- what a privilege to have met you and spent the day with you! I loved watching you guys together and how you gently and lovingly communicate with one another. You have such a special friendship and relationship, that I know will stand the test of time. May your marriage be extremely blessed and happy, and may you continue falling more and more in love with one another with every day that passes. Sending lots of love and blessings xxx

Thanks too to my wonderful assistant for the day, Fanie! :)



Service Providers

  • Venue and Catering: The Alphen Hotel |
  • Live music: Elina Koytcheva |
  • Coordinator: Tracy Branford from Trunk Events |
  • Videographers: Kovacevic | Bosch media production |
  • Car: Classic Rides |
  • Hair and make up: Gina from Gorgeous Me |

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  1. Tracy Branford

    Wow, i have goose bumps! amazing work, lindy! you are awesome. god bless this beautiful couple!


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