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This wedding was one that was very dear to my heart- and had me on the brink of tears for most part of the day. It contains a story of tremendous loss and heartache, but also one of healing and hope.

In 2015 I had the wonderful privilege of photographing Allison and Fritz’s wedding. They had one of the most amazing friendships and understanding loves I had ever seen a couple have- and they were so in love with one another. I was devastated to hear the news that a little while into their marriage Fritz was diagnosed with cancer, and although he fought hard and honourably, he passed away soon after.

My heart broke for Fritz’s family and their loss, but especially for Allison. The idea of losing your husband so soon after being married still remains too much for me to bear! But a comforting thought was to know that Fritz is no longer in pain but sitting at the foot of Jesus, enjoying His presence.

Because our God is a God of healing and hope, the story thankfully doesn’t end there. On a flight to Pretoria, Allison gets invited by the pilot (Christie) to sit in the flight deck of the plane. They start chatting and find a deep connection. A connection that I believe the Lord orchestrated to bring healing and hope into both of their lives. A connection that would be the start of something new and beautiful. A connection that would lead to marriage and a second chance at love, and the day you see pictured here.

Aan Allison en Christie…Wat ‘n ongelooflike groot eer en voorreg om julle troue te kon af neem. Dit was so spesiaal vir my! Allison- ek het soveel respek vir jou stil, sterk karakter en geloof in God. Jy is ‘n ware inspirasie! Christie- dankie dat jy so mooi na Allison kyk, en dat jy Fritz se lewe eer in die manier hoe jy praat oor hom. Dit is ‘n getuines van jou mooi karakter en integriteit.

Mag die Here julle huwelik in oorvloed seën, en mag julle elke dag meer en meer van God se hart vir julle sien soos julle mekaar se harte leer ken. My gebed vir julle kom uit 2 Thessalonicense 2:16-17: “Now may our Lord Jesus Christ himself, and God our Father, who loved us and gave us eternal comfort and good hope through grace, comfort your hearts and establish them in every good work and word.” Baie liefde en blessings vir julle! xxx

Dankie ook aan Nikkie my betroubare assistent vir die dag! :)

Service Providers

  • Venue and decor: Langkloof Roses |
  • Hair and Make Up: Minke Du Plessis |
  • Dress: Robyn Roberts |
  • Photographic assistant: Nikkie Fivaz |
  • Catering: Linda Bruyns |

9 Responses to “Christie + Allison”

  1. Leani

    Jy weet presies hoe om die mooi, kosbare oomblikke vas te vang!!! Beautiful!!!!

  2. Karen Oosthuizen

    Stunning! Beautiful! Awesome! You are an amazing photographer and lady lindy. So thankful for portraying these wo derful memories of a happy and blessed day. Thank you xxx

    • Leonie Dippenaar

      Lindy…. Elke foto vertel n storie en is ongelooflik spesiaal…. Ek soek nog die regte woord…. Maar dis amazingly beautiful… Baie dankie… Blessings vir jou… ❤️

      • Lindy

        Ah dankie Leonie! Dit was sulke spesiaale en pragtige dag, so bly ek kon deel wees daarvan!

    • Lindy

      Dankie tannie! Dit was rerig sulke groot eer om hierdie herrinneringe te kon vasvang op kamera. Dankie vir ‘n heerlike dag saam julle! <3


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