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I shot Jonathan and Hayley’s wedding back in 2016 and I absolutely LOVED the day spent with them. They are just such easy going and friendly people- it is impossible not to like them! I was delighted to receive an email from Hayley saying that they had had a little boy named Gabriel, and that they would be visiting South Africa again for a few weeks, so I would be able to meet him. And what a special moment that was for me! Last time I saw Jonathan and Hayley- they were looking all dashing in their wedding attire starting out as a family of two, and now they are a gorgeous family of three, and they make the most amazing parents!

Jonathan and Hayley- thanks so much for getting in touch again. I can’t tell you how special it was for me to see you guys and to meet Gabriel. What a lucky little chap he is to have such wonderful parents!! May he continue to bring you so much joy and happiness over the years, and may the Lord bless your journey as parents all the way through! Sending so much love and blessings your way xxx

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